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You should probably get your rocks off somewhere else.


Santiago Calatrava

All time favorite architect. He’s really a very-large-scale sculptor.

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Are you sure you can actually handle a job?

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I’m all about you doing whatever the fuck you think is the right thing to do. But it better work.
  • Charlie: There ARE no jobs. Why, you ask? Because you have pissed and shit on everybody who's tried to give you one. Movies, books, theater...
  • Hank: What about television?
  • Charlie: What about it?
  • Hank: I could shit on that...





Actually, it is. That’s part of love- a mutual consumption and invasion and spitting out. If we’re not evolving, then what are we doing?

  1. It’s not your job to carry all the weight in a relationship
  2. It’s not your job to be my mother
  3. It’s not your job to tolerate all of my bullshit

But it is your job to make me a better man. It is my job to make you a better woman. Now, the how is probably the actual thing in question here.

It’s not our job to make you a better man no. IF we do happen to make you a better man which is usually what happens in relationships then great. It comes naturally when you strive to be a better person for your SO. BUT it is not our job to go out of our way to change you and make us better. Because then we get shit on with you or others saying ‘why are you trying to change him you’re supposed to love him the way he is’. And it’s in that (loving you, your SO, the way they are and encouraging them to do things they like to make themselves happy) they become better ON THEIR OWN.

My job is to take care of my own happiness in my life and if you’re apart of that great and if that helps you MAKE YOURSELF a better man then perfect.

I think we’re talking semantics here: “make.” No one “makes” anyone past fucking/conception/pregnancy/birth. The “job” and “make” I am talking about is through mutual expectation and example. And that “loving someone as they are,” I think that’s some of the biggest bullshit that’s ever gotten past anyone’s lips.



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