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how thoughtful. 

Right in the feels. 😢

Helping someone today does not guarantee that they will have your back tomorrow. However, if you don’t help them, there’s not guarantee they’ll even remember your name.




There’s no way this won’t be good.

Nearly flawless.

nearly? movie had me on the edge of my seat.

Yeah, nearly because WWII era machine guns don’t fire freaking laser beams. It was a production issue, not a story issue. Still an issue.


There’s no way this won’t be good.

Nearly flawless.

Oh shit! Winter!

Week 1 vs. Week 42. If “using my agenda” would’ve been a New Years resolution for me, I’d be doing excellently. If it would’ve been “stop eating Cuban food” - not so great. 😕

Once, when I was five, I was at an art opening talking to a fabulous drunken British lady. It was considerably past my bedtime, and the whole scene was starting to bum me out. I stood next to my friend Zoe, who, at only four, was an embarrassingly juvenile companion. The British lady, trying to make conversation, asked Zoe and me what our parents did if were were ‘bad girls.’
‘When I’m bad, I get a time-out,’ Zoe said.
‘When I’m bad,’ I announced, ‘my father sticks a fork in my vagina.’
This is hard to share without alarm bells sounding. We’re taught to listen to little girls, particularly when they say things about being sodomized with cutlery. Also my father makes sexually explicit artwork so he’s probably on the FBI’s fork-in-the-vagina radar. It’s a testament to his good nature that, after the British lady repeated my ‘hilarious’ story to a group of adults, he simply scooped me up and said, ‘I think it’s someone’s bedtime.’
Not That Kind of Girl | Lena Dunham

Isn’t the success enough without the success story or the recognition? Recognition is nice - I like it just as much as anyone - but should it be the goal? Doesn’t it cloud our judgement and undermine the entire process or achievement?

If tomorrow I became exactly who I wanted to be, I think I would be okay walking into a room even if no one stopped to look in my direction.

Pineapple Express Thug Life Scene [HD]

"Vamo" 😂 #jaxon #trike #learningquick