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One step forward, three steps back.

My chest hair runs into my beard. I could potentially have a mane if I wanted to.



Today I decided I am not going to use the word retard/ed again.


but its appropriate for a lot of things and not in a colloquial way but not in a disability referencing way either.

Yeah. Like “The church has historically retarded progress.” That’s not what I’m talking about.

I may need a bigger bag.

The thing about final papers is that there aren’t really supposed to be any other papers assigned after that. Not exactly rocket science, is it?


Poglia&Co Handmade Knives NY

That’s a nice knife, but I’m more curious as to what’s in the glass.





What the fuck are you kids bitchin’ about?!? I had ANPVS-5’s :-P


Okay. You win.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
your gabriel garcia marquez quote has almost 1000 notes
echo5charlie echo5charlie Said:

Yeah, I saw that. And that’s actually my own original translation. ;)

Very proud of myself.

The Curious Case of Pablo Picasso

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boxing school for street kids, cuba, habana


That pompous cunt-
That I wasn’t ‘cultivated’ enough for her,
That her people were better than mine.

Little did she know
My people still
Cry in synch at night,

Their cries like those of caged
birds never to take flight.

Had she forgotten what
It’s like to cry for freedom?
Had she no sense at all
Of wrong and right?

Damn the years I spent
Feeling like less
By someone’s sheer
Abhorrence to our plight.