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You pissed in my Cheerios, miss. You did. And Cheerios, along with Chef Boyardee and other things, are fucking sacred you know… No. You don’t know.

Here’s what I’m not going to do- I’m not going to take a Xanax.

Here’s what I am going to do- I’m going to leave this here for every active duty, reservist or other Marine, Poolee and Veteran of any branch of the United States Military to see what kind of person you are and what kind of prospective member of the military you are.

This all began very calmly and civil, it was you that caused the escalation of force. You, who believes you are entitled to things you are not. You are not entitled or fit, or rate to be represented, or to represent those four letters, miss, and if you produce someone who thinks you are, I’ll show you someone who needs to have their moral compass re-calibrated. 

You and people like you are one of the biggest reasons I’m leaving. Because you and yours snake and slither your way through the cracks and corrupt the very values and ethical foundations our institution was built upon. So if this blog ever has any effect, I hope this makes its way to someone who will keep you from reaching (much less passing through) the gates of San Diego or Paris Island. As for me, I’m done here. Two days from now, you’ll be someone else’s problem. 

On the other hand- I’m secretly hoping you make it and earn an EGA. Because then the Green Weenie will exact my revenge for me (figuratively, of course). 

So, you see… either way- I win. 

P.S. Come back on or around February 25th, and I’ll tell you what I really think about you. 

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    And people say I’m a bully..
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    Jesus Christ, she explained she’s doing it to stay motivated. And sounds to me like someone’s got their panties in a...
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    "I’m not joining the Corps to deal with a bunch of assholes and pricks" well….
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    As a civilian I don’t have much of an opinion on this but seriously going out of your way to start shit with a Poolee...