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Finally got a haircut. And now to put the final touches on this paper. I asked for permission to bring an UNLOADED firearm to class for my presentation- to support my theory that through increased education and awareness about the proper and legal use of firearms, we can reduce crime rates- and the dean of students was like “Nope!”


  1. notpervymess said: I’m glad you asked for permission first. I woulda sent bail money while laughing my ass off!
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    Bring it in anyway, for a surprise addition to the work. It will be guaranted to change your mark!
  3. letskeepthisasecret-babe said: my paper was about gun control and i got called into to the office by the dean and veteran status was brought up and i ended up having to choose another topic…bastards.
  4. wisspy said: How come some of the keys are colored?
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